The New Woods

32,000 trees planted in 2000

300,000 m² set aside for reforestation

In order to restore to nature what is taken away for production purposes, and thus to preserve our natural heritage for future generations, in the year 2000 Novipla established the “Bosco Nuovo” [new woods] project, planting over 32,000 trees in an area of almost 30 hectares. The areas planted can be found near to the production plant in the municipalities of Pasian di Prato and Colloredo di Monte Albano. The species of tree planted are cherry, durmast oak, English oak, common ash, lime, field elm, hornbeam, field maple, sycamore, manna ash, European nettle tree and walnut, all native species. The more valuable species will be destined for the woodworking industry, whilst the others will be used as firewood. Meanwhile, the Biomass project has involved the experimental planting of some 5,000 cuttings of fast-growing poplar which are then cut every two years. The biomass obtained is destined for the production of panels for the wood industry.