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Novipla has had the pleasure to entertain a Russian delegation of opinion leaders involved in the living business with the best welcome in Friuli Venezia Giulia, thanks to the organization of the Alliance of Italian Cooperatives (ACI), last Tuesday, November 19, at Novipla showroom in Udine.
All the Russian guests, who arrived in Italy to discover the design made in Italy, were able to see the root of a land that make know great values ​​and great company who have bring, in the world, the excellence of Made in Italy.
At the welcome by the president Carla Macor Moro, who has highlighted the passion for excellence expressed by their co-operative, was followed the introduction of the company and the vision of all the collection products, to point out the distinctive details based by the variety of the product and by the ability to read the needs of the market, developing a loyal relationship with customers.
Novipla play well on international markets with a wide collection of products capable of keeping the secrets of the real wood, and with this meeting brought new and important relationships that guide Novipla towards a future mostly international.

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Novipla awarded a gold medal.
Novipla gained a gold medal at the 55th work and economic progress awards ceremony, held at the Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine on 3 November 2008. Novipla represents the cutting edge in the production of interior doors, with modern, adaptable industrial technologies, and has established itself as a leader in the renovations market. For this reason the Udine chamber of commerce decided to award the cooperative with a gold medal for economic progress.

Santo Versace

Santo Versace visits the new Novipla showroom
Santo Versace, who is a great admirer of Friulian crafts, called in on Novipla, the cooperative specialising in doors, during his recent trip to the region. He visited the new “NÂF” (Novipla Atelier Friûl) showroom, designed by the architect Paolo Zuliani, who has been working with Novipla for some time, and has designed a line of products. Here he was welcomed by the staff of the cooperative, coordinated by Carla Macor Moro, chairperson of Novipla, who told the famous designer's brother all about the company. Thanks to well-chosen strategies, the firm has moved from standardised door production to a more diversified range of products with high design content. Novipla can now be considered a top-class joiner's, a group of “wood tailors”, who work every day to satisfy their clients' new requests. Novipla gave Santo Versace a picture made using the different types of wood used every day to produce its doors, and Santo Versace expressed his approval of the work done and the choices made by the company, “a business that, through its determination and commitment, has succeeded in attaining new objectives, offering an example to be emulated”.
Translated from La cooperazione n.4

Santo Versace

Novipla Atelier Friul, in full swing in Udine's palazzo Bran

The new commercial headquarters of the Novipla cooperative have been up and running since October, and the inauguration will follow shortly. This is just the latest step in the story of the firm that has been producing doors for over twenty years. The building is located at via Cjavecis 7, Udine, where the third floor now houses a series of offices and a permanent exhibition bringing together a selection of products from the company's works in Colloredo di Prato, including the latest models designed by Paolo Zuliani, previewed at the Expocooperazione trade fair. Carla Macor Moro, chairperson of Novipla, a cooperative with twenty members and some thirty employees, explains the move. “The company had two aims in mind: to show off our products and to propose them directly to our clients (mostly trade members and salespeople) in a strategically located space within the city; an area frequented on a daily basis by the people we have most contact with: architects, engineers, surveyors, technicians, building firm owners and craftsmen ... It took considerable effort and commitment from the cooperative to get this new section up and running. In recent years we have concentrated a great deal on the design lever to achieve a distinctive and diversified range of products”.
Translated from La cooperazione n.3