NÂF Novipla Atelier Friûl

What is NÂF? More than just a showroom, it is the place to come when you need personalised solutions and answers for all your different requests. A welcoming environment with a huge range of choice to suit any preference: from classic tastes to a more creative and contemporary style. More than just a name, it is a whole new universe, and its doors are always open: Novipla Atelier Friûl.
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“NÂF” Novipla Atelier Friûl
Orario di apertura: si riceve solo su appuntamento
Palazzo Bran
via Cjavecis,7 - 33100 Udine - Italia
phone tel. +39 0432 662021
fax fax +39 0432 663482
email commerciale@novipla.it